Create credit notes in Alegra

Credit notes are documents that the seller generates to indicate to the customer that he has a balance in his favor, either to prove the return of a particular value or so that the company can correct errors in the invoices already generated in a simple way. This balance in favor of the customer can be used in subsequent purchases.

Example: "The company billed a pair of shoes to its customer Juan and in the process makes mistakes in the quantity, description, and price of the product. The customer requests the invoice with the correct information; therefore, the company issues a credit note to cancel the transaction and issue a new invoice".

When should credit notes be generated?

Credit notes can be generated in the following cases: 

  • When the customer makes the return of products in poor condition.
  •  When it is necessary to correct sales invoices generated with errors. 
  • To give the customer a discount that was not included in the invoice.

Create your credit notes in Alegra

Creating your credit notes in Alegra is very simple. Just follow these steps:

1. Click on the "Sales" menu and select the option "Credit notes."

2. Click on the "New credit note" button.

3. Fill in the form details (see explanation below).

4. Click on the "Save" button.

Like this:

Credict note alegra ayuda

Credit note form

Below we explain the most important fields of this form:

  • Contact: It is the person to whom you will generate the credit note; it is a required field. By choosing the customer, Alegra loads its associated price list.You can change it by clicking "More options."
  • Notes: Additional notes that will be visible in the document print.
    • Date: Date of generation of the credit note.
    • Currency: Select the currency with which you are going to make this credit note.

    More options:

    • Price list: Choose the price list for the credit note.
    • Product/services: Select the products that will return to inventory.
    • Tab "There’s some money back": It indicates the money back that applies.
    • Credit to invoices: Select the associated invoice to apply the credit. In the “Amount” field, please indicate the value for the customer.

    Once you have finished filling in all the fields of the form, you can proceed to save it, there you will see additional options such as: Print, send via mail, edit or export your credit notes to Excel using the "Export" button.

    exportar credict notes ayuda alegra

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