Create your Inventory adjustments in Alegra

An inventory adjustment is an in- or out-of-stock movement. It is advisible to add initial inventory, losses , or increases in merchandise.

Example: The company has two units of a product that are in poor condition so, it requires to modify the quantity of the product registered in the system to take it to a real value

Follow these instructions to make an inventory adjustment:

1. Click on the "Inventory" menu.

2. Select the option "Inventory adjustments".

3. Click on the “New inventory adjustments" button.

4. Fill in the form details (See explanation below).

5. Click on the "Save" button

Like this: Crear ajuste de inventario - USA

Inventory Adjustment Form

Below we explain the most important fields of this form:

  • Warehouse: Choose the warehouse where the products you are going to adjust are.
  • Date: Choose the date you want to record the inventory adjustment.
  • Cost center: If you have this feature enabled, select the cost center.
  • Observations: you can also provide  a brief description of the adjustment or additional information.
  • Product/services: Indicate to which items or products the inventory adjustment shall be applied.
  • Type of adjustment: Define your type of adjustment, whether it is an increase (for entries from other branches) or a decrease in inventory (for changes or losses).
  • Quantity: You must indicate the amount of items you are going to increase or decrease.
  • Unit cost: It  to the purchase value of a product.
  • You can see the current quantity of a product and the final quantity in which the item will remain when doing the inventory adjustment.

Important: in the same setting, you can modify the quantities of the products you want, just click on "Add product/services" to select another product.

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