Generate the Accounts Receivable Report in Alegra - USA

The Accounts Receivable Report is an Alegra function that allows you to check who owes you, how much they owe you and the expiration date of the sales invoices that entered the system in a given period.

Example: "The company wants to do an analysis of its cash flow. To do so,  it needs to generate a report with all the pending sale invoices. He needs something toer the information by customer, date of creation and expiration".

At Alegra you can quickly and easily pay all your client’s debts to have greater control of your business income.

Generate your accounts receivable report

1. Click on the "Reports" menu.

2. Locate the section "Administrative reports" and select the option "Accounts receivable".

3. Select the range of dates you want to consult.

4. Click the "Generate report" button.

Like this:

Generar reporte de cuentas por cobrar - USA

Click Export to Excel to download the spreadsheet that shows you the accounts receivable to date.

This exportable contains a column with the sales invoice number, the customer's name, their identification, the creation date, expiration date, the applied payments and the pending balance.

Important: the values ​​of the accounts receivable report may vary if there are payments, either for credits or credit notes, and they have a date prior to the creation of the invoice.

Apply filters in the Accounts Receivable report

  1. You can select a preset date range or configure a custom range with the "Manual" option. To consult all accounts receivable, select the "From the beginning" option.
  2. You can also add filters by expiration date range using the "Overdue 30 days or less", "Overdue 31 days to 60 days", "Overdue 61 days to 90 days", "Overdue 91+" or "Not overdue" buttons .
  3. To filter by invoice number, customer name, creation date or due date, click the "Filter" button. Enter the data for which you want to filter, for example the name of the client, "Abelardo Salazar" and click "Filter" to see the results. Then you can export this information to Excel from the "Export" button.

Export your bills/invoices

If you want to export the sales with the details of the invoiced products in each one, follow these steps:

1. Click on the "Sales" menu.

2. Select the "Invoices" option.

3. Click the "Export" button.

4. Choose a date range and click the "Export" button to download the file with the invoice information.

Like this:

Exportar facturas de venta - USA

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