How to create a purchase invoice for your suppliers

A purchase invoice is a document that registers your commercial activities. It can be used to support the purchase of products or services. It is issued by a supplier to its clients.

For example: "the Ideal company needs to register in Alegra the invoices that support the purchase to refill their stock and other expenses. They also need to register their supplier data, purchased products, value, and payment terms."

Follow this steps to create a supplier invoice:

1. Go to the “Expenses” menú and click on “Supplier invoices”.

2. Click on the “New supplier invoice” button. 

3. Complete the form with the invoice data.

4. Click on "Save" to save changes.

Like this:

nueva factura de proveedor ayuda ingles

Note: All new purchase invoices will be registered in the system as an “Account payable to suppliers”.

Purchase invoice form:

These are the most important fields you must fill in this form:

  • Contact: Select the supplier who issues the invoice.  
  • Currency: Select the currency you want to create the invoice with.
  • Number: Fill this field with the invoice supplier number. 
  • Date: Enter the date when the supplier invoice was created.
  • Expiration: Enter the deadline to pay the invoice.
  • Warehouse: Choose in which warehouse you want to register the purchased product.
  • Cost Center: Choose the cost center to which you want to register the expense. 
  • Price: Enter the cost of the purchased product or service.
  • Disc %: If your provider gave you a discount, you can use this field to register it.
  • Tax: Select the tax associated with the supplier invoice.
  • Quantity: Select the number of products you bought.
  • Observations: You can add any additional information in this field.

Important: If your business generates tax withholdings, click on the “Add withholding” option and select the type of withholding you want to apply to the invoice. You can add several types of withholdings to your documents.

You can also use the “New contact” feature to save a new supplier. This is very useful if you are doing an invoice to a supplier for the first time and you don't have it registered in the system yet.  By doing this you won’t have to access the contact form again to save this information.

nuevo contacto factura proveedor alegra inglés

You can also export your supplier invoices to an Excel file. Just go to the “Expenses” menu, click on “Supplier invoice” and select the “Export” option. With this feature, you can select the period of the invoices you want to export.

exportar factura proveedor alegra inglés

When you are saving a purchase invoice, at the bottom of the form you will find these options:

  • Cancel: this will cancel the purchase registration.
  • Save and add payment: this option allows you to save the invoice and opens the form to register its payment.
  • Save and create a new one: this option allows you to save the invoice and opens the form to create a new supplier invoice.
  • Save: use this option allows you to save the invoice.

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