Learn how to do an Inventory Value Report

In Alegra, you can create an inventory value report to know the value of your current inventory in your main currency and to check your stock and their average cost. 

For example: the Ideal company wants to check its inventory and needs a list of its products with a reference, description, quantity, unit of measure, status, average cost and value.

In Alegra, you can create an inventory value report to check your inventory and to know the total value of your stock.

Follow these steps to create an inventory value report:

1. Click on the option “Reports” from the main menu.

2. Select the option “Inventory value” from the “Administrative Reports” section. 

3. Set a cutoff date to consult your inventory data.

4. Click on the “Generate report” button.

5. Click on the “Export to Excel” option to download the report.

Like this:

crear reporte ayuda alegra inglés

This is an example of the report:

reporte valorizado ayuda alegra ingles

Note: With this option, the file will be automatically downloaded to your computer or it will be sent to your email depending on the number of your products.

You can also create different warehouses to organize your inventory. 

If you already have several warehouses, you can create an inventory value report by selecting the products of each warehouse and export the results to an Excel file.

bodega reporte de inventario alegra ingles

Consult the Kardex or products history

A Kardex is a record of the entries and exits of a product in an inventory. Follow these steps to download a product's Kardex:

1. Click on the option “Inventory” from the main menu.

2. Select the "Inventory value” option.

3. Select the product you want to download the kardex.

4. Go to the “In inventory” section and click on the “Record” button.

Like this:

kardex reporte ayuda alegra ingles

The report will look like this:

historial kardex ayuda alegra inglés

You can also consult the average cost and download the kardex or the history of your products from its detail, like this:

kardex reporte item ayuda alegra inglés

Important: Alegra calculates the value of your products by using the Weighted Average Formula, consult this article for more information.



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