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How to register an expense in Alegra

Expense Receipt  are documents that support the expenditure  or outflows of money from your company. Alegra allows you to record expenses associated with supplier invoices or categories.

For example: ”The Exemplary company bought products for sale from its automotive accessories supplier, entered invoice number AB-123 into the system, then generated the payment and thus created the corresponding exit receipt.”

To register a new expense follow these steps:

1. Click on the menu Expense or button New> Expense that will take directly to point 4 of this process.

2. Select the submenu Payments.

3. Click the option + New payment. In the following  form,  complete the  information of your new expense:

  • Recipient: To whom you owe  money to.
  • Banking Account: where the money will came from.
  • Payment method: is the payment form you will use to pay, for example, consignment, transfer , check, cash, credit or debit card
  • Date: on which you make the expenditure.
  • Comments: these are internal comments for the system.
  • Notes: these are visible comments on the printout.

4. Then you select whether or not you want to associate the payment with an existing purchase invoice in the system.

5. Click on the Save button to keep the changes.

Note: that to associate an expense with an existing purchase invoice in Alegra you must select a supplier that has registered invoices.

In the "Transaction type" field by choosing "Yes", the system will bring all the invoices associated to the Supplier (Beneficiary) previously selected to add the respective payment.

When choosing “No”, you must specify to which “Category” you want to associate the expense, then you must indicate the value to be paid and the other data that apply for the discharge. Among the categories to choose you will find Payroll, Equipment rental and licenses, Travel and per diem; among others, which will be reflected in the Income Statement of your company.

Once you have completed the data you must click on “Save” to finish the process, and that's it.


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