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How to create an Invoice

An Invoice is a document that supports commercial activities, it can be sales of products or services and is issued by a vendor to its client.

For example: "The Ideal company sells sporting goods and every time it makes a sale it must issue to its customers an invoice that supports the transaction, where the information of the vendor and the customer is defined, in addition of the products sold, their value and Payment terms".

In Alegra, you can generate your invoices with all the legal requirements to keep track of your sales.

Follow these steps to create a new invoice:

1. Click on the option "Income" from the main menu.

2. Click on the button "+" to create a new invoice or click on the option  "Invoices" to see the complete list of invoices created.

3. Click on the button "New Invoice".

4. Complete the form with the requested information.


invoice option


Access the form quickly from the new button:


Like this:

invoice button

Invoice Creation Form

These are the most important fields that you must fill in this form:

Numbering: choose between different numbers, the one you want to use in the current invoice. 

Invoice Number: this number is automatically incremented for you +1. You can also change it manually. 

Client: it is to whom the invoice is addressed. Learn to create your customers by consulting this article.

Notes: add notes that will be visible in the invoice PDF and when printing them. 

Date: it is the date on which the sales invoice is created. You can also create invoices with a date before or after the current one.

Term: choose the due date of the invoice: 8 days, 15 days, 30 days, or 60 days. You can also create new expiration times in the menu Settings> Payment terms. 

Expiration date: according to the chosen term, you will see the expiration date counted from the day the invoice is created. If you choose "manual expiration" you must select the expiration date you want. 

Remarks: add internal notes that are not visible in the invoice printout.

Vendor: associates a vendor with the invoice. 

Price list: define special prices for your customers. 

From the invoice creation form, you can also modify the options that appear in the upper menu by selecting "Customize options"


Item / Products: 

Search item: select an existing product or create a new one.

Reference: it is a unique alphanumeric code that identifies your product, add it as an option.

Price: it is the price of the product, which you can modify in the current invoice.

Desc%: enter a discount percentage to apply to the price of the product.

Tax: select the product tax on the current invoice. 

Description: add or modify the product description. This applies only to the invoice you are creating.

Quantity: indicates the quantity of the product to be sold

Total: the system calculates the value of the product, less the discount, multiplied by the quantity.

Referrals: Add referrals (delivery notes, delivery reports, leads) previously created and invoice your products. 

Save options: 

Preview: preview how the invoice will look.

Save and add payment: save the invoice and add the payment receipt received.

Save and create new: save the invoice and return to the form to create a new one.

Save: save the invoice with the following options:

  • Save as draft: save the invoice as a draft if you want to modify it later.
  • Save and print: save the invoice and print it immediately. 
  • Save and send by mail: save the invoice and open a new window to send it by mail.

You can also export your Invoices to Excel at any time from Menu> Invoices> Export. There you can set the dates on which you want to obtain the information.


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