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How to register an Income in Alegra

Alegra allows you to register money entries associated with sales invoices or Accounts

For example: "The Ideal company sells products to its client Alejandro Gómez, creates an  invoice in the system, then adds the cash payment made to him by his cash client and thus generates the corresponding income (cash receipt)."  

Follow these instructions to register an entry:

1. Click the Menu income, or click in + New> Income, this button will take you to point 4.

2. Select the submenu "Received payments".

3. Click in “New received payments”.

4. The system will open a form. Now fill it with the new income information:

  • Client: who will make the payment.
  • Banc account: where the money will enter.
  • Payment method: is the way that the customer will choose to pay you, for example, transfer, check, cash, credit, or debit card.
  • Date: when the entry will be made. 
  • Observations: are internal comments for the user.
  • Notes: are comments visible in the print version.

5. Click “Yes” if you want to associate the income with an existing sales invoice in the system or click “No” if you don’t want it.

    Keep in mind that to associate an income with an existing sales invoice in Alegra, you must select a customer that already has invoices.

    Transaction type: if you choose "Yes", the system will show you all the invoices associated with the selected customer to choose an invoice to add the payment.

    If you choose “No”, it is necessary to specify which “Category” you want to associate the income, then you must indicate the amount of money to receive and the other income data. In the categories that you can choose, you will find Non-operating income, Interest income, Advances, and advances received; among others, which will be reflected in the Income Statement of your company.

    Once you have completed the required data you need to click on “Save” to finish the process, and that's it.


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