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Learn the invoice statuses in Alegra and save time managing your sales

In Alegra, invoices have different statuses that indicate their real situation in the system. You can identify their status from the list of invoices created.


What does each status mean?

Draft: These invoices can be modified and removed from the system. You can also make them open (invoices created). When creating a draft invoice it acquires the consecutive one for its numbering. If the invoice is deleted, the consecutive number that was assigned will be available for a new invoice.

Pending: These invoices are registered in the system, and they have generated the discount of inventory products.

An invoice with a “Pending” status is assigned a number (in a consecutive sequence) at the time of its creation and will remain open until the moment of recording the total cancellation of its payable balance. 

A pending invoice can be canceled, but it will keep its consecutive number and it will not appear on the income statement.

Paid: These are the invoices that have been fully paid by the client. Usually, Pending invoice changes to Paid status after receiving its payment.

Void: An invoice can be voided for several reasons: for example, when an open invoice is created and the sale is not made or when it will not be used for commercial exchange. 

The law does not allow an invoice that already has a consecutive number (pending invoice) to be deleted. Therefore, the invoice must be voided to indicate that it has no effect on the accounting of the company but it keeps the consecutive numbering.


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