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Create products and services in Alegra

Alegra allows you to create services and selling items, you have the alternative of creating one by one or importing them massively through an excel or google sheets which made it faster.

For Example: “The ideal company expects to create inventory products and services in Alegra in order to use them on its sales invoice.”

Follow these steps to create your sales items or services:

1: Click on the left margin menu “Inventory”.

2. Choose the option “Sales items”.

3. Click on “New sales item”.

4. Fill in the blanks with the information required. Details would be shown ahead.

5: Click on “Save”. 

Item creation form: 

  • Name (Required): Fill in the name that identifies your item or service. 
  • Reference (Optional): Completing numerical or alphabetical code would contribute to an easy and fast way to identify each item.
  • Selling price (Required): Fill in the selling price to customers. In Alegra, you can manage different price lists. 
  • Tax (Optional): Fill in the tax associated with the item as it is in the menu bar.  Settings > taxes , for example  "VAT". 
  • Barcode (Optional): Code Bar could be assigned for selling items.
  • Account (Required): Choose the account to associate the sales.
  • Categories: Classify your products in different categories.
  • Description (Optional):  Add characteristics of your product such as size, color, or specifications for services.
  • Type of items: Choose the "Simple" option if it's only one unit of the item or "Combo" to specify a group of items. Combos are created as a product. Once the sale is made, the items that compose the combo are discounted from the inventoried items.
  • Attach image: Add an image that identifies your item or service.

Important: If your items are inventory products please check the box "inventory item" and fill in the following information. 

  • Unit: Choose the unit according to the created item
  • Unit cost (Required for inventory products): Fill in the cost of acquisition of your sales items.
  • Warehouse: Choose the warehouse or shop in which you want to add the product.
  • Initial quantity: Register the initial quantity of the items.
  • Minimum quantity: Register the minimum quantity in order to control your inventory and avoid having an empty stock. Once the minimum quantity is reached Alegra will notify you. 
  • Maximum quantity: Register the maximum items of your inventory to avoid the excessive stock. 


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