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Classify your Information in different accounting accounts

Accounting accounts are the groups in which Alegra classifies all the information and movements of your company.

Example: "The Company wishes to record the revenue generated by the rent of a building in a specific accounting account for this purpose. To do so, you create create under the main account of "Revenue" a sub-account called "Rental Revenue" so, when you check the results statement for reports, you can see the revenue you earned for the rental of the building in a separate account".

Alegra has a Chart of accounts with 5 large groups and depending on your activity or need, you can require more accounts which come by default, for instance: Debts to third parties, Loans, among others; that’s why Alegra allows you to create sub-accounts and manage them.

The success of smart reporting depends on the order in which the records of your company’s operations are kept in the accounting. We recommend you to consult with your accounting advisor to know under which accounts it is most advisable to register each move. Or you can communicate with our support team alegra.com/123 that will help you with any futher questions.

By associating the correct accounts in the transactions, you will see the precise information in the smart reports. 

To create new sub-accounts follow these steps:

1. Click on the "Accounting" menu and select the option "Chart of accounts".

2. Choose the account under which you will create new sub-accounts.

3. Click on the (+) that appears right at the end of the main account name to add new accounts.

4. Complete the information requested:

  • Name of accounting account (Required).
  • Accounting account code (Optional). 
  • Description (Optional).

5. Click on the "Add" button.

Like this:

nueva cuenta contable ayuda ingles

Each account’s action buttons allow you to manage them quickly:

  • See the details of each account: It shows the transactions, sales invoices, purchase invoices or associated notes of that account. You can choose a period of time when you want to query and export the information to Excel.
  • Create new account: It allows you to create accounts or sub accounts (accounts that are contained under a main account).
  • Edit account: You can rename it and add a description to the account that allows it.
  • Deactivate account: This feature allows you to control how you view totals by account in reports, avoiding associating direct values to an account that you consider to be primary if you deactivate it.
  • Delete accounts: Remove any accounts or sub-accounts from your records.

Sort your account plan to generate custom accounting reports:

Alegra allows you to sort your account plan manually or by accounting codes, according to your choice, in order to customize the accounting reports of your company. Note that this order respects the hierarchy of major accounts.

To manually sort your account plan, follow these steps:

1. Click on the "Accounting" menu and select the option "Chart of accounts".

2. Click on the "Manual Order" button and then on "Order".

3. Choose the account you want to move.

4. Click on the account and drag it to the place you want to locate it.

Like this:

ordenar cuenta manual ayuda alegra

Note: You can only move accounts between groups of the same nature.

To sort your account plan by code, follow these steps:

1. Click on the "Accounting" menu.

2. Select the option "Chart of accounts".

3. Click on the "Code order" button and then on "Order".

Like this:

corde order cc ayuda alegra inglés

Note: If you have your chart of coded account, that is, to each account you have added its accounting code, the system will order it downwards.


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If you have doubts about this or other processes in Alegra, our support team is ready to help you.