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Create and import your contacts in Alegra

Contacts are the beneficiaries or third parties to which the transactions carried out in Alegra, such as: purchase orders, invoices, income, expenses, among others.

For example: "The Exemplary company wants to register its supplier invoices in the system to keep track of what it owes to each supplier, for this it can create a contact with the supplier's information in a very simple way and thus be able to associate the corresponding invoices".

By creating your customers and suppliers in your Alegra account you will be able to easily identify the documents associated with them, the receivable or payable balances, among others.

In this article you will learn to create your contacts one by one in the system and you will discover how to create and import them in a massive way.


  1. Create your contacts one by one.
  2. Create contacts from the creation forms of your documents.
  3. Create and import your contacts in a massive way.

1. Create your contacts one by one

Follow these steps:

1. Go to "Alegra" and click on the "Contacts" menu.

2. Select the "All" option.

3. Click the "New Contact" button. Then decide if you want to create a new "Client" or "Supplier".

*Remember that you can configure a contact to be Client and Supplier at the same time depending on your needs.

4. Complete the form with the requested information. You can see his explanation later.

5. Click "Save contact" to create your new contact.

    Check it out:

    Create contacts in Alegra South Africa

    "New Contact" Form

    Next we explain the most important fields of this form:

    General Data

    • ID number: enter the identification number of your contact.
    • Name: name of the natural or legal person.
    • Address: enter the actua address of the contact.
    • City: enter the city of the contact.

    Contact information

    • Email: type the email of the new contact.
    • Mobile: phone number.
    • Phone 1 and 2: you can put many phone numbers belonging to the contact.

    Contact persons for this contact: you can link the data of people related to this contact and activate expiration notifications for your clients.

    Commercial Information

    • Term: select the default expiration time that the invoices made for this contact will have (in case of being a client).
    • Vendor: you can associate a vendor by default to this contact (if you are a customer).
    • Price list: you can associate a price list with this contact. When creating sales invoices, credit notes, quotes and recurring invoices, the system will bring by default the price information of the list to which it is associated.

    Accounting Configuration

    • Account receivable: choose the accounting account that will receive the movements of values ​​pending payment (Accounts receivable from customers).
    • Account payable: choose the accounting account that will receive the movements of values ​​pending payment (Accounts payable to suppliers).

    Include account status: if you activate this option, your client will receive their statement of account in each invoice that is sent to them by mail.

    2. Create contacts from the creation forms of your documents

    You can create a new contact from the creation form of your documents, such as: invoices, supplier invoices, among others.

    Follow these steps:

    1. Click on the "Sales" menu and select the "Invoices" option.

    2. Click the "New Invoice" button.

    3. Click on the option "New Contact" and choose if you want your contact to be just "Client", "Supplier" or both.

    4. Complete the basic form with the requested information. You will be able to select the "Go to advanced form" button to add additional information.

    5. Click "Save" to create your new contact.

    Check it out:

    Create contacts from documents in Alegra South Afr

    3. Create and import your contacts in a massive way

    In Alegra you can create all your contacts through an Excel file, thus saving time and not having to create them one by one.

    Download and complete the template with the information of your contacts.

    Massive importation of your contact list

    Follow these steps:

    1. Click on the "Contacts" menu.

    2. Select the option "All", "Clients" or "Suppliers" as the case may be.

    3. Click the "More actions" button and select the "Import from Excel" option.

    4. Click "Select file" to open the browser.

    5. Select the Excel document containing your contacts and click "Import".

    6. Identify each column with the corresponding name.

    7. Click "Import" to finish the process.

    Check it out:

    Import contacts from Excel in Alegra South Africa

    To keep in mind:

    • You must save the template as an Excel workbook.
    • The first row of the list is taken into account in the import, this corresponds to the titles of each column.
    • You can import up to 100 contacts per.
    • You must create an Excel file for each group of contacts: one for your customers, one for your suppliers and one for each price list previously created in the system. If you do it with a single file, your contacts will be created in a general way.
    • You can decide not to import a column, to do this select "Don't Import" in the title and this data will be ignored.
    • Remember to associate your imported contacts with the price list corresponding, this will be associated with all the contacts created in the same file.
    • Identify your contacts as Clients or Suppliers.
    • Carry out the import process only once, if you do it twice your contacts will be duplicated and you will have to eliminate the duplicates one by one.
    • Check that the content of each column has the corresponding format. Example: that the phone is a number and not a text.

    If previewing the information you find that there is an error in any of the contacts, you can solve it by canceling the process and performing the import again.

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